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Monday, July 28 2014 @ 08:32 PM EDT
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Event Preview: Series Summertime Showdown 200 Orange County Speedway-Rougemont, NC

Mooresville, NC 7/22/14: The X-1R Pro Cup Series return to the Orange County Speedway, located in the small town of Rougemont, NC, is race number seven on the twelve race schedule for 2014 making it the start of the second half of the season. However, with the series longtime “playoff” format just two races away a lot of jockeying for position is up for grabs for the final seeding in addition to those all important bonus points for wins. The jockeying will not only occur when it comes to points standing, but on track as well. The 3/8 mile track is a multiple groove track from top to bottom, but the banking plays havoc on competitors passing for position especially once tires start to fade late in a run. Patience on one of the fastest tracks on the circuit won’t be easy to come by, but the driver who does display this attribute for 200 laps will likely head home with a trophy and the $8,000 winner’s check. 


Summertime Showdown 200 
Track/Location: Orange County Speedway-Rougemont, NC                 Track Size: .375
Event Name: Summertime Showdown 200                                              Laps: 200 Laps/75 miles 

Event Schedule:                                                  Series Standings:                             AFR Rookie Standings: 

Practice: 1:00pm-1:45pm                        1) #75 Caleb Holman    218     1) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh   146
              2:15pm-3:00pm                        2) #23 J.P. Morgan        -19     2) #25 Tyler Lester           -43   
Qualifying: 6:00pm                                 3) #66 Reid Wilson        -25     3) #54 Matt Craig             -56
Race: 6:45pm                                        4)  #2  Brady Boswell    -28                                                            

                                                                                 5) #56 Gus Dean          -43

Pre Entered Drivers:


Car #






Reid Wilson





J.P. Morgan





Codie Rohrbaugh


Grant County Mulch Inc.



Gus Dean


Dean Custom Air/ Mash on it Appearal



Caleb Holman


Food Country USA



Benny Gordon


BWP Bats/ Staar Trucking



Brian Keselowski





Matt Craig


C&C Boiler Sales & Service



Jeff Oakley





Coleman Pressley





Brady Boswell



Media Coverage:


-X-1R Pro Cup Series Facebook (www.facebook.com/CARSProCup) and Twitter (@X1RProCup)
-Speed 51 “Trackside Now” Coverage www.speed51.com



Short on Distance, Quick on Speed:

This weekend’s trip to Orange County Speedway located in the little town of Rougemont, NC, in the Piedmont portion of the state, will mark the shortest race distance on the 2014 season schedule. The distance of 75 miles equals the 200 laps around the .375 mile oval. While the distance is on the short side of things, the speed and quickness the Orange County Speedway produces will be abundant. The facility features sweeping high banked corners and short straightaways that are banked as well keeping high speeds up all away around the Rougemont track.

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JP Morgan Becomes First Two-Time Pro Cup Series Winner of 2014 at Tri-County

Mooresville, NC 7/12/14- It took the sixth race of the 2014 season for the same driver to win twice in the X-1R Pro Cup Series, but finally Friday night in front of a healthy crowd at Tri-County Motor Speedway JP Morgan notched win number two of the year. Morgan cruised to the victory over a late surging Reid Wilson and series newcomer Brian Keselowski, who crossed the stripe in third position, to complete in the podium.

It was the veteran Morgan’s second career win at the Hudson, North Carolina track having won in the series last visit to the 4/10th mile facility back in 2012.
“I don’t know what it is about this place but I enjoy racing here (Tri-County), it’s a shame this place isn’t open on a regular basis. A big shout out to all the fans who did come out tonight and support this track and this series. We had a good racecar right when we unloaded and then during practice my guys went to work and made it even better,” explained Morgan in Edelbrock Victory Lane. “We had pressure from Gus Dean early on, and we even made some contact several times racing hard for the lead. But when it got time to start racing for the win I was able to pull away. That’s how good my car was tonight.”
The #23 team did dodge an early bullet when on the initial start an axel broke on championship points leader Caleb Holman’s #75 Food Country USA Chevy stacking up the field. Several cars suffered damage including Jeff Oakley and Eric Gerchak, who was making his 2014 debut. The broken axel put Holman behind the wall for repairs ending his chances on the night.
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Event Preview: Precision Printed Products 250 presented by Caldwell Community College & 92.1 The Big Dawg

Mooresville, NC 7/7/14: The list of unknowns that await X-1R Pro Cup Series drivers this weekend at Tri-County Motor Speedway are as long as the .400 mile track located in the small town of Hudson in Caldwell County, North Carolina. The track, situated in the foothills of the North Carolina mountains, has been partially closed for the last four years, only hosting special events such as this weekend’s race. Of the pre entered drivers, only a few have ever raced the facility with most having never even set eyes on the track. In addition, due to county noise ordnance rules those drivers who would like to test in advance won’t be able to, thus adding another element to consider for teams preparing for this weekend festivities. 

Precision Printed Products 250 presented by Caldwell Community College & 92.1 The Big Dawg
Track/Location: Tri-County Motor Speedway-Hudson, NC                     Track Size: .400
Event Name: Precision Printed Products 250 presented by                       Laps: 250 Laps/100 miles
                      Caldwell Community College & 92.1 The Big Dawg    
Event Schedule:                                   Series Standings:                      AFR Rookie Standings:
Practice: 2:45pm-3:15pm                   1) #75 Caleb Holman      187     1) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh   146
             3:30pm-4:15pm                       2) #23 J.P. Morgan         -26         2) #54 Matt Craig             -56       
Qualifying: 6:45pm                                3) #66 Reid Wilson         -29      3) #25 Tyler Lester           -73
Autograph Session: 7pm                    4) #2 Brady Boswell       -29
Race: 8pm                                             5) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh -41
Pre Entered Drivers: #05 Codie Rohrbaugh, #2 Brady Boswell, #6 Jeff Oakley, #23 J.P. Morgan, #25 Tyler Lester, #29 Brian Keselowski, #54 Matt Craig, #56 Gus Dean, #66 Reid Wilson, #75 Caleb Holman
Media Coverage:
-X-1R Pro Cup Series Facebook (www.facebook.com/CARSProCup) and Twitter (@X1RProCup)
Tri-County is the X-Factor on 2014 Schedule:
With Tri-County having been closed on regular basis for the last four years there’s not a lot of information “floating” around on what to expect for Friday’s Precision Printed Products 250. With no testing time really available for teams and a condensed schedule on tap throughout the day Friday, it’s anyone’s guess on what to expect once the free flag flies. All these ingredients make this weekend’s race the biggest X-factor on the 2014 schedule.  
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Rookie Tyler Lester Wins First Career X-1R Pro Cup Series Race by .0130 Seconds at Myrtle Beach

Mooresville, NC 6/30/14- The history books show that there’s only been one “youngster” to have won a Pro Cup Series race at the ultra-abrasive Myrtle Beach (SC) Speedway since the series’ first race there back in 1998. That came in 2007 when, now NASCAR Sprint Cup Series star Trevor Bayne, took home the trophy at age sixteen. Now there’s a second.

Nineteen year old Tyler Lester did all he could to edge veteran Caleb Holman at the line by .0130 seconds to make it the closest finish at Myrtle Beach Speedway in series history. Lester then celebrated his first career win with several hundred fans that chose to join him in Edelbrock Victory Lane as the series showed their appreciation for the very impressive crowd that stuck it out through multiple rain delays throughout the evening.
“I thought we had him and then my spotter said outside on the white flag, so then I did whatever I had to do to win the race. I only get to race a few times a year so I have to make the most of it when I do. This is big as it gets for me; a big thanks to all my guys, Econo Studios, BWP Bats, car owner Benny Gordon, and of course my mom and dad,” explained an excited Tyler Lester before taking a phone call from car owner Benny Gordon in Victory Lane.
Though dejected after the race thinking he had won, Holman did all he could in the closing laps making up a five car length gap between he and Lester when the pair caught Reid Wilson and Brady Boswell battling hard for fourth place position and points. The group saw three wide chaos ensue with Lester sticking his nose through and squeezing Holman’s #75 ride toward Boswell machine. Despite that Holman was still able to get inside of Lester by a nose down the backstretch. In an amazing move of racing talent beyond his years Lester then hit the brakes entering turn three letting the #75 machine sail high before sliding underneath him to complete the crossover move.
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Reid Wilson And Co. Focused On Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina (June 25, 2014) – - Undoubtedly, the last two X-1R Pro Cup Series races have not gone as planned for Reid Wilson (@reidwilson66) and his Reid Wilson Racing (RWR) team, but Saturday night’s Dean Custom Air 250 presented by Carrier and Sports Radio 100.3 offers the perfect opportunity for flawless rebound at Myrtle Beach (S.C.) Speedway.
A piece of debris destroyed the right-front tire and sway bar for the team at Memphis (Tenn.) International Raceway, resulting in an eighth-place finish in late April. In the most recent event at Motor Mile (Va.) Speedway, Wilson and his team were fastest in practice in their No. 66 Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits Chevrolet by nearly four-tenths over their next competitor.
Unfortunately, their stout run in practice would prove to be the highlight of their weekend. During qualifying, Wilson began to experience mechanical gremlins, which resulted in a seventh-place starting position. The team’s participation in the New River Valley 250 would be short-lived as the rear-end broke on his No. 66 Bojangles’ Chevrolet after just 10 laps resulting in a disappointing ninth-place finish.
Despite the recent string of bad luck, Wilson and his group have been encouraged by the performance of their family-owned organization. While the finishes are not what the team had hoped, the speed in their No. 66 Bojangles’ entry has kept them on the radar, which has kept the attitude of the team surging and remaining positive marching on.
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Event Preview: Dean Custom Air 250 presented by Carrier & Sports Radio 100.3 - Myrtle Beach Speedway

Mooresville, NC 6/24/14: The X-1R Pro Cup Series returns to Myrtle Beach Speedway for this weekend’s running of the Dean Custom Air 250 presented by Carrier & Sports Radio 100.3. The .538 mile located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has played host to twenty-three Pro Cup Series events over the years, making it the second most visited track in series history behind only that of the now defunct USA Int’l Speedway in Lakeland, Florida. This kind of familiarity amongst both teams and fans alike make it one of the best events of the season. With support from event sponsors the Pro Cup Series is making 20,000 free tickets available in the market area, in addition to being able to print your tickets directly off the series website at carsprocup.com. With defending winner Mark McFarland out of the picture to defend his win the door is wide open for all in attendance to leave “the beach” with the winner’s trophy and the $8,000 in prize money to go along with it.  
Dean Custom Air 250 presented by Carrier & Sports Radio 100.3
Track/Location: Myrtle Beach Speedway-Myrtle Beach, SC                   Track Size: .538
Event Name: Dean Custom Air 250 presented by                        Laps: 250 Laps/134.5 miles
                      Carrier & Sports Radio 100.3    
Event Schedule:                                   Series Standings:                           AFR Rookie Standings:
Practice: 1:30pm-2:15pm                     1) #75 Caleb Holman       151     1) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh   119
              2:30pm-3:15pm                        2) #23 J.P. Morgan          -21        2) #54 Matt Craig             -57       
Qualifying: 6:30pm                                 3) #2 Brady Boswell        -25        3) #25 Tyler Lester           -85
Autograph Session: 6:45pm                4) #66 Reid Wilson          -26
Race: 7:30pm                                         5) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh -32
Pre Entered Drivers: #1 Dalton Hopkins, #05 Codie Rohrbaugh, #2 Brady Boswell, #6 Jeff Oakley, #15 Bill Plemons Jr., #22 Spencer Boyd, #23 J.P. Morgan, #25 Tyler Lester, #29 Brian Keselowski, #54 Matt Craig, #56 Gus Dean, #66 Reid Wilson, #75 Caleb Holman, #88 Doug Barnes Jr.
Media Coverage:
-X-1R Pro Cup Series Facebook (www.facebook.com/CARSProCup) and Twitter (@X1RProCup)
It’s all About Grip at The Beach:
The Dean Custom Air 250 will be the longest event on the 2014 schedule coming in at 134.5 miles. Though the distance wouldn’t really matter at most facilities, it’s a major factor at Myrtle Beach Speedway. The track has one of the most abrasive surfaces in the country thus meaning the battle for grip is enduring for each competitor. The team who has a car that handles with ease through the turns over long green flag runs usually ends their night with a trip to Edelbrock Victory Lane.
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J.P. Morgan Captures First Win of 2014 in Dramatic Fashion at Motor Mile Speedway

Mooresville, NC 6/9/14- Veteran Benny Gordon looked to be set to pick up his sixth career Pro Cup Series win at Motor Mile Speedway Saturday night before a loose tie rod end brought his domination of the New River Valley 250 to an end one lap shy of the finish. The incident resulted in a green-white-checker finish between the rest of the field; with 2012 series champion JP Morgan flexing the most muscle in route to his first win of the 2014 season.

“I knew I had a good race car tonight but when I got caught up in that battle with Caleb (Holman) and the #1 car (Dalton Hopkins) for second I thought I lost my chance to run Benny down just like we did in the first half,” explained Morgan in post-race interviews. “A little luck came our way with Benny having trouble, and then we just showed what our car could do on that green-white-checker finish. This was a much needed win for this team too right now, so it feels pretty sweet.”
Morgan, who’s had a slow start to the season thus far, had to overcome a seventh place redraw at the series halfway competition caution. From there with Gordon redrawing the number one position and taking the lead; Morgan set his sights on making his way to the front.
The battle for the second position between Dalton Hopkins, making his first start of the season, and points leader Caleb Holman allowed Morgan to join the fray stealing the show with at times three wide moves for the position. The three drivers maneuvered lap after lap for the runner up spot for thirty plus laps before Morgan eventually took the position on lap 234.
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