The #1 Cars Pro Cup Fan Website

Is Coming Soon!

It's taking us a little bit of time to get everything ready but we're working hard as we can to bring you a full historical result section,

the latest news & rumours, our very own hall of fame, track profiles and much much more.







We plan to get things off the ground by the end of October.

Please stick with us until we have our all new site up and running and ready to go. A lot of hard work is going in to building, what we hope will be, one of the best resources for Cars Tour fans online. There's not too much out there right now other than the official website and facebook page, we're hoping to change that and for the better.

If you can't wait and want to get your teeth stuck into some content straight away then we suggest you check out our favourite driver (cars pro cup driver no.1435632) on the wiki page.

The 2015 season is very nearly finished and we aim to be live and ready to go well in time for the start of next years racing. It's back to work for us now. See you on the inside sometime very very soon.

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