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Thursday, October 30 2014 @ 09:11 AM EDT
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Caleb Holman Crowned Fastest Chicken in the South and Pro Cup Series Championship at Hickory

Mooresville, NC 10/20/14- Caleb Holman was hands down the fastest chicken in the South Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway. The veteran driver won the Bojangles 250 after pulling away from fourteen year old Todd Gilliland, son of NASCAR Cup driver David Gilliland, in the final seventy-five laps of the event to take home the hardware. The visit to Edelbrock Victory Lane was his sixth trip this season in twelve events.

“I always said no one is ever 100% happy at Hickory with their car; tonight I’ll take that statement back. Tonight I was completely happy with my car in the second half of this race. It would just roll through the turns just like I wanted it too,” explained an excited Holman when talking about his Bojangles 250 win. “My guys made good adjustments throughout the day and got the car handling the way I wanted it. At the break there we just put on tires and filled it with fuel and went back racing. We didn’t make a single change and in the end it was the right call.”
Not only did Holman win the battle Saturday night, the Abingdon, Virginia driver won the war, and was awarded the 2014 X-1R Pro Cup Series champion’s trophy for the first time in his career. Holman racked up six wins, eight Mahle pole awards, and earned $68,925 throughout the season for his efforts. The newly crowned champion did so in historic fashion becoming the first driver in Pro Cup history to completely sweep the Championship Series since its inception in 2001.
“What a year this was for us. I would have never dreamed we would have had the year we did even with the lower car counts at times. I still had to beat guys like JP Morgan, Gus Dean, and Brian Keselowski on a regular basis. Not to mention nights when guys like Clay Rogers and tonight Todd Gilliland come race, so it wasn’t easy by any means,” stated Holman, reflecting on his 2014 accomplishments. “My guys have worked their tails off all season and we just got on a roll towards the end of the year. This is what I do for a living and winning a championship for everyone at Henderson Motorsports and Food Country USA was my ultimate goal. Tonight looking back I can say we as team delivered that championship to all involved with this organization and that means a lot to me as a person and a driver.” 
While Holman stole the show in the end, youngster Todd Gilliland piloting a Late Model Stock Car, gave the veteran a run for his money in the first half of the event. Gilliland tracked down Holman through lapped traffic while fellow veteran Clay Rogers did the same despite starting from the sixth position. A hectic yellow flag for debris setup the opportunity for Gilliland to take the lead into the second half of the race by leading at 125 and picking up the Roush-Yates Performance Parts Halfway Leader award. Clay Rogers, Coleman Pressley, and Holman completed the top four at as the yellow flag was displayed for the competition caution.
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Event Preview: Bojangles 250 - Hickory Motor Speedway - Hickory, NC

Mooresville, NC 10/15/14: This weekend the curtain will close on the 2014 X-1R Pro Cup Series as the tour makes their final stop on the season schedule at Hickory (NC) Motor Speedway. Veteran Caleb Holman and his five Pro Cup Series victories have all but sealed up the championship for the Abingdon, Virginia driver. All Holman must do is take the green flag in Saturday’s Bojangles’ 250 and the veteran racer will pick his first series championship. While the night may be about crowning a season champion; $8,000 and winner’s trophy is still on the line. Coleman Pressley returns to competition to defend his win, however; Pressley looks to possibly return behind the wheel of his Late Model Stock Car, instead of his Pro Cup ride, due to the eligibility of those machines ability to compete amongst Pro Cup competitors as the series looks towards the future. With several returning Pro Cup drivers, such as part time NASCAR Cup Series driver and five time Pro Cup Series champion Clay Rogers, having already filed entries, and the addition of Late Model Stock competitors the ingredients for one of the best Pro Cup races in the last four years could be on tap Saturday night in Hickory.
Bojangles 250 Notes
Track/Location: Hickory Motor Speedway-Hickory, NC             Track Size: .363
Event Name: Bojangles 250                                                                   Laps: 250 Laps/90.75 mile
Event Schedule:                                   Series Standings:                        AFR Rookie Standings:
Practice: 1pm-1:45pm                        1) #75 Caleb Holman      170       1) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh   133
                 2pm-2:45pm                        2) #23 J.P. Morgan         -20           2) #88 Doug Barnes Jr.     -66       
Qualifying: 6pm                                    3) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh -44        3) #54 Matt Craig              -67
Autograph Session: 6:15pm             4) #6 Jeff Oakley            -63
Race: 7pm                                             5) #56 Gus Dean            -67
Pre Entered Drivers: #00 Lucas Ransone, #05 Codie Rohrbaugh, #21 Eric Gerchak, #23 J.P. Morgan, #25 Tanner Berryhill, #29 Brian Keselowski, #54 Matt Craig, #56 Gus Dean, #59 Coleman Pressley, #66 Reid Wilson, #75 Caleb Holman, #88 Doug Barnes Jr., #125 Matt Piercy, #154 Clay Rogers
Media Coverage:
-X-1R Pro Cup Series Facebook (www.facebook.com/CARSProCup)
-X-1R Pro Cup Twitter (@X1RProCup)
-Speed51 “Trackside Now” (www.speed51.com)
A Season Finale is Always Exciting:
With the final race of the season comes the familiar attitude in racing, “let’s end the season on high note” or “we’ve got all off season to fix it, go for it”. With Caleb Holman being crowned the 2014 champion by just starting the race, and Codie Rohrbaugh doing the same when it comes to the 2014 AFR Rookie of the Year title, there’s a good chance the gloves could come off from all involved Saturday night to score the win and the $8,000 winner’s check that comes along with it. The final race is also that last chance for a driver to “return the favor” to a fellow competitor that has been in the back of his mind for quite some time now. With one of the best fields expected in some time and mix of veterans and newcomers there will be fireworks on display at Hickory Motor Speedway Saturday night.      
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Hickory Open Test

LAST OPEN TEST OF THE 2014 SEASON - Hickory Motor Speedway, Hickory, NC



11:00 AM – Hauler Parking

12:30PM-5:00PM – On Track Testing

Cost: $250.00 Pro Cup / Late Model

$100.00 Street Stock

$50.00 Allison Legacy


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.

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Competition Notice for Hickory Race

CARS Series PR

-Late Model Stock Cars (LMSC) with GM or FORD CRATE motors weighing 3100 lbs / 1375 right side and using a 650 carburetor with no spacer plate will be allowed to compete in Pro Cup event. All Hickory/NASCAR LMSC rules apply and will be enforced as normal.
-Late Model Stock Cars (LMSC) with GM or FORD BUILT motor weighing 3100 lbs / 1375 right side and using a 390 carburetor with no spacer plate will be allowed to compete in Pro Cup event. All Hickory/NASCAR LMSC rules apply and will be enforced as normal.
-LMSC can use utilize built shocks, bump stop, and coil bind suspension setup. 

-Pro Cup/LMSC/Super Cup/Grand National East entries that purchase 2 new sets of American Racer tires for the race event, pay $300 entry fee, purchase 20 gallons of VP Racing fuel at track, and purchase pit passes at $45 each will be eligible for 100% of the advertised purse earnings.
-Pro Cup/LMSC/Super Cup/Grand National East entries that race on used American Racer tires for the race event, pay $300 entry fee, purchase 20 gallons of VP Racing fuel at track, and purchase pit passes at $45 each will be eligible for 50% of the advertised purse earnings.
-Event features 250 laps, cautions count, with a 5 minute break at lap 125.
-Winning purse is $8,000 with $1,000 going to the 10th place finisher.
***Race tire selection will be determined by order of entry received at Pro Cup Series office. Entry forms can be found at www.carsprocup.com beginning Oct 6th. Fax entries to 704-662-9207 or email entries to [email protected] or [email protected] Payment for entry will be due open arrival at track***

Anyone with questions feel free to contact Pro Cup Series office directly at 704-662-9212.

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Holman’s Home Track Win at Lonesome Pine makes it Five on the Season in Pro Cup Competition

Mooresville, NC 9/22/14- Gus Dean made things very interesting in the closing laps Saturday night at Lonesome Pine Raceway, but it was Caleb Holman who took advantage of a bobble by the youngster in the final three laps to win the Morgan McClure Ford-Chevrolet 200. The win was Holman’s fifth of the season, and all but sealed up the 2014 X-1R Pro Cup Series championship for the veteran driver.

“That was a pretty fun battle for the win with Gus (Dean) there at the end. He was doing all he could to put the pressure on me because we both had some pretty good race cars. Luckily for me I had just a little more grip than he did at the end,” explained Holman in Edelbrock Victory Lane. “It’s pretty cool for me to win here tonight. I’m from up this way so I have a lot of friends, family, and people from my church here so it’s nice to be able to share this win with them. Of course a big thanks goes to this entire Henderson race team, Food Country USA, and all of our other supporters this season. It’s been a good year but we’ve got one more to go and it would be nice to end the year the same way we started out; with a win.” 
The healthy crowd in attendance thought they may see youngster Gus Dean pick up his second career win. Dean stayed in Holman’s tracks for the first 100 laps before taking advantage of the halfway break restart on lap 101. From there Dean held the top position until the yellow flag flew on lap 144 for the #5 Lance Gatlin breaking down the front stretch setting up a deciding restart on lap 150.
“I thought we had a good chance at winning our second race this season. That yellow flag probably hurt me a little there. I was doing all I could to get to Caleb there at the end. I just couldn’t make it happen. Hats off to my Dean Racing team though, they have me another good piece we just came up a little short tonight,” noted Dean after the race.
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CARS Series PR

ATTENTION:  Due to impending weather forecast for tomorrow, 80-90% chance of rain all day, the Pro Cup Open Test for tomorrow is CANCELLED.  The garage will open same time as originally scheduled, 1:00 PM, and we will make room for extra practice time on Saturday in addition to what is already scheduled.


In replacement of tomorrows’ test, we will have an Open Practice Test Session on Friday, October 17, at Hickory Motor Speedway.  This will be the 4th and final practice of the 2014 season. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office. -  (704) 662-9212


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Event Preview: Morgan McClure Ford – Chevrolet 200, Lonesome Pine Raceway, Coeburn, VA


Mooresville, NC 9/30/14: Lonesome Pine Raceway will host race No. 3 of the 2014 X-1R Championship Race Events.  This is the next to last event that will determine how things stack up for the final 2014 series season event at Hickory Motor Speedway in just a few weeks.  Currently, Caleb Holman, is still holding onto 1st place as series points leader with 102 points. 2012 Series Champion, J.P. Morgan, trails Holman by just a mere14 points; shortening the lead for the championship.  Rounding out the top three positions is series veteran Jeff Oakley, just 7 points shy behind Morgan.  The last time the banked oval held a Pro Cup race was in 2011 when Caleb Holman led 95 laps of the 200 lap event and took home the trophy.  J.P. Morgan was not far behind, and rounded out the top five.  Considering these two drivers are currently in a battle for the championship, and the last two drivers entered to have raced at Lonesome Pine, it might be safe to say that we will have a battle when it comes down to taking the checkered flag Saturday night. 


Morgan McClure Ford - Chevrolet 200 Race Notes


Track/Location: Lonesome Pine Raceway/ Coeburn, Virginia   Track Size: .375 mile, semi-banked asphalt oval

Event Name: Morgan McClure Ford - Chevrolet 200                  Laps: 200 Laps/75 miles


Event Schedule:                                 Series Standings:                    AFR Rookie Standings:

Practice: 2:00pm-2:45pm                        1) #75 Caleb Holman       130       1) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh    102

              3:00pm-3:45pm                        2) #23 J.P. Morgan           -14       2) #88 Doug Barnes Jr.      -35 

Qualifying: 6:15pm                                 3) #16 Jeff Oakley            -23       3) #54 Matt Craig              -36

Race:          7:00pm                               4) #05 Codie Rohrbaugh   -35

                                                            5) #66 Reid Wilson            -57


Media Coverage:

X-1R Pro Cup Series Facebook (www.facebook.com/CARSProCup)

Twitter (@X1RProCup)



Even though the X-1R Pro Cup Series will be the main event and only series to take the track on Saturday night, they are allowing different body and engine packages to compete with the series.  As of late last week the series made an announcement that they will be allowing Late Model Stock Cars (LMSC) with Ford or Chevy crate motors and built motors to compete with the series.  The decision came down thru the top officials at Pro Cup in an effort to increase the car count and to make more cars eligible for competition purposes.  The purse will stay the same paying $8000.00 to the winner on Saturday night and with $1000 going to the 10th place finisher.    


For more information on the X-1R Pro Cup Series including news, results, and photos visit the series website at www.x1rprocup.com. For series operations and marketing information, contact Chris Ragle at [email protected] or call 940-393-3167. For general information about the X-1R Pro Cup Series contact the series office at 704-662-9212.

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2014 Rulebook

The 2014 CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series Rulebook is available for download. Click HERE to get it!

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